drug eduation

drug misuse

drug misuse is when you take a drug without needing it

say you are taking medication and you didnt mean to take more of the drug than what it says

drug abuse

drug abuse is when you take drugs that are against the law or when you take a drug for no reason

say you take or do an illegal drug that would make you feel good and you only take it for that reason, that is drug abuse


withdrawal is when you've been doing so much of something and you've been doing it for a while and then you just quite

like if you eat lots of sugar all of the time and you just stop you will have withdrawal you will shake or are always in a bad mood  or get headachs


addiction is when your  addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity

say you do something for fun but you just love it so much you feel like you cant go one day without doing it  

physical dependency

the bodys chemical need for a drug

say your taking a drug and you suddenly stop taking it your body will so go into withdrawal

psychological dependency

someones  emotional or mental need for a drug

if your taking a drug you stop and you feel like your body needs it but it doesnt you may feel like you cant get along without it

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