REnewing with
Creativity Drive

It is time to search through closets, clean out that junk drawer, organize your garage, thin your basement or finally let go of the craft supplies you keep thinking you will use. We want your “stuff” to Be EPiC Everyday!

Studio Four has been studying ways to be sustainable in our world. As one of our solutions, we are holding a REnewing with Creativity drive for the month of November to collect materials that all EPiC students can use to create in our studio maker spaces. Handcrafted books, prototypes, design solutions, explorations and creations - we are all makers!

Please look at the list of materials below to see if you have anything to donate to the drive. If you are not using it, let us see what we can create with it!

Note: We will have REnewing with Creativity Drives throughout the year, so if you don’t have anything now, keep on the look out for more opportunities to donate. Please do not send trash, but only materials that can be renewed.


  • 5qt. - 15qt. tubs or bins, please nothing larger than 15qt.


  • All types of Buttons
  • Beads such as plastic, metal, glass.
  • Small stones, wire, and natural materials for jewelry making.
  • Fabric and fabric sample books
  • Wallpaper or other types of sample books
  • Felt
  • Satin and lace
  • Sequins and other shiny objects
  • Fabric paints/markers
  • Quilt batting
  • old paper patterns
  • zippers


  • packing tape
  • duct tape
  • masking tape
  • blue painter’s tape
  • electrical tape
  • glue gun refills
  • wood glue
  • modge podge


  • toothpicks
  • wood scraps
  • sandpaper
  • dowels
  • balsawood


  • Design paper such as vellum
  • origami paper
  • scrapbook paper
  • paper grocery bags
  • designer paper plates (maybe leftover from a party)
  • designer paper cups (maybe leftover from a party)
  • tissue paper
  • wrapping paper


  • brads
  • zip tie assortments
  • binder clips
  • rope
  • string
  • ribbon
  • yarn
  • nails
  • screws
  • fishing wire
  • green garden wire
  • types of thread
  • embroidery floss
  • velcro


  • Stamping supplies
  • Miscellaneous game pieces such as checkers, paper money, spinners, dice.
  • Tile (glass, ceramic, plastic) pieces
  • Used cards such as holiday, birthday
  • Used playing cards (not for game playing but for building)
  • Baby food jars
  • CD’s - (scratched or blank, of course)
  • Plastic medicine cups and syringes
  • toys (parts or pieces okay)
  • Magnets of all sizes and shapes
  • Clay (not dry)
  • Playdoh (not dry)
  • Model Magic (not dry)
  • Large Paper Clips
  • marbles, bouncy balls
  • old film canisters
  • clothespins
  • wire hangers
  • Stickers (any and all)
  • pieces of PVC pipe


  • plastic knitting needles
  • crochet hooks
  • fabric scissors
  • tape measures
  • tweezers

Thank You for Supporting EPiC!

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