"Who will want railroads? We do not ride on railroads; it rides upon us"(197)

When I was outside, I went to the back yard of my aunt's house and jumped her fence that led me out into the woods. I was thinking about everything that usually I never do. I had started thinking about things I use to do and things I had been through. It was very humid outside I had a note book and I started to draw and at first I thought  this is ridiculous . Then, I  started gazing at what surrounded me and decided to walk around. I began to feel like a little kid and so I started climbing a tree and I went up to the top till you couldn't I couldn't go any higher. When I was at the top of the tree I had a good view of the woods. I decided to sit  on a tree branch at top of the tree and just sat there for the whole time. As I sat there I thought it was a waste of time but when you really think about It I had some time to myself to think . I never  take time to appreciate and learn from the good and bad of my life and everything that it has taught me.  I am always busy never usually home and it was good just to go out and do something for me.

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