Selenium (Se)

Yulemi Martinez

Want electricity? Want cooling fans? Then take selenium and you’ll have no worries about a thing.


·  Brick-red powder

·  When melted black

·  Usually grey

·  Conducts electricity

·  Melting point: 221 °C

·  Boiling point: 685 °C

·  Non-metal

· Number of Protons/Electrons:34

· Number of Neutrons:45

Common uses

  •   Plain paper- photo copiers   
  • Laser printers   
  • Glass making    
  • “Negate color of elements”   
  • Create ruby-red colors to glass   
  • Color can be added to stainless steel

Selenium is the element you should take because it can conduct electricity! You can power fans if it’s  hot or cold, or even plug up your t.v's. Anything is possible with Selenium!


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