Around the entire world, more than one quarter of the students in grades, 6-12 are victims bullying. Also, special needs students are also victims of harassed. Bullying can cause more suicides, and more problems in school. Bullying needs to be tracked and monitored 24/7.

Cyberbullies use technology to harass, send threats, and spread rumors about the person they are targeting. Bullying in general is very hard to deal with. especially for some one who went through it. Some teachers usually don't know what to do during the incident, so the teachers should be trained on what to do if it ever happens at their school. Kids also use video games to bully someone. Bullying lowers someone confidence, less participation in class, and they would be less social.

This society, is depressing because it's like the world wants everyone to be anorexic or something. Everyone is born different, and nobody was born perfect. Also, how do you think the plus size people feel about this society? People are into skinny girls then they are into plus size people. I honestly don't know what this world is coming to.

We can prevent bullying by telling teachers what's going on or tell a trusted adult. People may think you're a snitch or something but you're actually helping someone from doing anything bad. Also, if you're being bullied right now, ignore it because you shouldn't be listening to their statements. If they make a rumor about you and other people believe it, then that's stupid because how are they gonna believe the person who started it and not the person who knows it's not true. Bullying also leaves scars on people. People are hurting themselves because they think it's their fault. But it really isn't.

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