Ethan N.

1st Period

September 15, 2014

"My Rockin' Summer"

Ethan's Travels in Texas

My Vacation

 I started my vacation near the beginning of summer. We went to Great Wolf Lodge at Grapevine for about 2 days. Then afterwards we mostly stayed at my grandma's and my parent's house. We basically had nothing to do except watch TV and play a little at my grandma's. My siblings and I did that for about 1 month. Then we went to Hawaiian Falls and played there for about 4 hours. Then we started school. My previous summers were better, these summers seem to be getting worse each time.

My Favorites

*Watersides   *In a Lodge   *Get to see my Relatives   *The Food   *The Drinks          *The Fun   *The Lights   *The Games

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