Growth of Transportation in India

Transportation has changed the face of modern India. It is the major back pillar for the economic growth of India. Due to the diversity of terrain, the country is in demand for various types of vehicles. Moreover, various auto manufacturers around the world market their vehicles in the country.

After economic liberalisation that occurred in the 1990s, infrastructure in India has developed rapidly. Since then, there has been an acute rise in demand of vehicles. For the convenience of public, the government ventured into the railway and roads sector. There is a dense network of railways connecting to different parts of the country, and equally large is the network of roads for better accessibility. To enhance transportation within the country, the government has also launched state transportation facilities.

Despite all the growth, millions of individuals feel the requirement of purchasing a private vehicle. For this purpose, domestic automobile manufacturers such as Mahindra took up the cause of development of transport in India and launched several vehicles in the market.

Beginning with the regular consumer, Mahindra has launched a number of cars. Some of the fore-runners in the four wheeler market included Mahindra Thar and Bolero. These sturdy vehicles were built for rough road and harsh weather.

For the streets of cities, the company launched Verito – a classic sedan equipped with a powerful engine. This sedan is popular for its looks and luxury of driving. To titillate the adventure spirit of people, Mahindra launched Xylo, Quanto, and Scorpio. Even today, people favour these robust vehicles that are living up to their names.

Moving to commercial consumers, Mahindra has launched tempos and delivery vans. Alfa and Gio are powerful vehicles designed for delivery of goods. For catering the demand of a tourism industry, the company has launched Tourister buses that easily occupy around 40 people. This company is responsible for growth of the transportation sector in India.