Louis armstrong was born in august 4, 1901 in new orleans , and died july 6, 1971 corona , new york city. louis lived in a section so poor that it was nicknamed "battle field". Armstrong was had a difficult childhood. His father worked ina factory and abanded the family soon after louis was born his mother, frequently left him with his maternal grandmother. Armstrong was abligated to leave school in the fith grade to begin working. a jewish family, the karnofsky's, gave young armstrong a job collecting junk and delivering coal. They also encoraged him to sing and often invited him into their home for meals.

Louis Armstrong was a talented , generous , compassionte man . he loved his music and he was a great trumpeter, and a very good singer and comedian he had a very difficult life and a very lonely childhood and after all of that difficult life he had he was a very wonderful man his self.

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