Civil Rights: Battles against the Government

A. The First "Battle" against the government for equality was in Topeka, Kansas. The battle was Brown vs. the Board of Education the trial was in 1954.

B. In truth the people involved were not just the Brown Family but a whole community. All with the same goal.

C. This trial was important because it said that the "Separate but equal" was okay.

This video describes the case more in depth. Time from 1:25 to end.

A. The next Battle occurred in Selma, Alabama.It was a march to Montgomery.

B. It involved Martin Luther King Jr. and a group called the Southern Christian Leadership Conference other wise the SCLC. It was a march to the Capital of Alabama which is Montgomery. The protesters were met with violence by the state authorities.

C. This 72 hour walk for voting rights made many realize the importance of that right. Later that year the 15th amendment passed.

A. The 1945 to 1946 Bus boycott, that was organized in Montgomery by Martin Luther King. It was organized after Rosa Parks was arrested.

B. Martin Luther King,and the African American population in Montgomery were involved.

C. It was the reason why buses we desegregated. Since most of the riders were African Americans, therefore making the buses less money and the employers of the African Americans frustrated.

A. In Little Rock Alabama nine students after the "Separate but equal" does not apply to schools ruling, tried to enroll in the High School. They were bared entry by the government. Later Dwight Eisenhower the president sent in the National Guard to escort the student during the school day.

B. Those involved where the nine students whose names are Thelma Mothershed Wair, Minnijean Brown Trickey, Jefferson Thomas, Terrence Roberts, Carlotta Walls LaNier, Gloria Ray Karlmark, Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, and Melba Pattillo Beals. Plus Martin Luther King Jr. He wrote a letter to the President pleading for some Federal help with the situation. There was also the Governor Orval Faubus.

C. This started the wild fire that is the Civil rights movement. The other schools were desegregated  

A. The First ever launched Counter sit in was in Greensboro. It was said to just be a college fad but that changed as it spread to other states across the country.

B. In the first sit in the men were Joeseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, David Richmond, and Ezel Blair.

C. This form of peaceful protest was used to spread the growing resentment throught the country and created a group that would later become influential among the younger generation.

A. Albany in 1961 white civil rights and African Americans sit together in White only section.

B. Men involved where part of the civil rights movement and students.

C. This helped to desegregate the buses.  

A. One African American Student who was a transfer student from the Local all black school was admitted but then his admission was revoked. When he went to register he was bared entrance by Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett. But facing a $10,000 fine a day he wasn't allowed entrance James Meredith was allowed to go to class two days later.

B. James Meredith, Governor Ross Barnett were involved in this heavily but also the U.S. marshals who escorted him onto campus for his classes.

C. This was important because it resulted in 300 citizens to be arrested because they fought and killed 166 marshals and 48 soldiers.

A. Murder of Medgar Evers who was the Leader of NAACP.

B. People involved were Medgar Evers, the assassin Byron De la Beckwith, and President John F. Kennedy who condemned the killing.

C. The trail for his murder sparked several protest because the all white jury could not come up with a decision. It also was the inspiration for several songs and ballads.

A. 1963 a march to Washington to hear the Famous Martin Luter King do His 'I have A Dream' Speech

B. Thousands who where there and Martin Luther King.

C. This speech opened people eyes as there were some white Americans there to. There was also Martin Luther King's speech that inspired so manu people to keep going and fighting for their rights.

A. In Birmingham Alabama 1963, Campaign to desegregate the city. That led to the Murder of four girls.

B. The SCLC was involved along with some of the African Americans in the population, Then some of their children mainly young adults. Martins Brother, was also involved in some of this.

C. This resulted in more money to be able to raise awareness and more protests. It also awakened the American Public about the happenings of this Nation.

The video from 1:17 to 2:55 seconds explains the bombing a little more.

A. Philadelphia 1963 The Murder of Three civil Rights workers was unfolding.

B. Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney and the member of the KKK who killed them.

C. This Event sparked the entire Nations Interest as this group was both White and African American.

A. The cooperation between the KKK and the St, Augustine Police uncovered.

B. Some of the police officers, the KKK.

C. This cooperation between the police and the KKK was another mind opener for the Citizens of the nation. It also pushed the the civil rights bill more strongly.

A. In Memphis Tennessee. Martin Luther King was murdered.

B. The convicted convict James Earl Ray, Martin Luther King Jr.

C. This day rang out as a day where the peaceful protests became the violent. Especially from the African American community. After MLK's death the nation went through a mourning period that paved the way for the equal housing bill.

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