By:Siddharth Soma

Sandstone (Sedimentary Rock)

Sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock. It is classified as a sedimentary rock because, layers of sand has accumulated on top of each other and made layers. It is formed from sand and other minerals at the bottom of the ocean.It is mostly found on the ocean floor. It is used for building of homes, and it can support columns on porches.

Sandstone. You can see that it is very grainy

Slate (Metamorphic Rock)

Slate is a metamorphic rock. It is classified by the basis of texture(smooth, rough, grain size).  It is formed when shale ( part of slate) is buried in Earth's crust that changes the clay minerals into Mica and Chlorite. Then pressure causes them to form in parallel layers. It is mostly found in Scotland. It is used mostly for pool tables.

Slate. You can see the parallel layers.

Basalt (Igneous Rock)

Basalt is an igneous rock. It is classified as an igneous rock because most igneous rocks have holes in them because, when the rock was cooling it probably had air bubbles and if they popped there would be holes. It is formed by lava that flows from volcanoes or from cracks in the Earth. Basalt is mostly found on the ocean floor . Crushed basalt is used for road base, concrete, aggregate, and railroad ballast.

Basalt. As you can see there are holes in the rock.

Rock Cycle In My Own Words

The rock cycle is many changes. A sedimentary rock can change into an igneous or metamorphic rock. An igneous rock can change into a metamorphic or sedimentary rock. And a metamorphic rock can change into a igneous or sedimentary rock. This all is caused by heat or pressure, or cooling, or even weathering. But at the end they all start and end in one place.

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