Northern Aplomado Falcon

The northern aplomado falcon is a bold, colorful bird with a length of 15-18 inches and a wingspan of 32-36 inches. Some of these falcons can weigh up to 18 ounces! Adults have field markings such as long wings and tail, a white eyebrow over a blue gray stripe, and a white cheek.


The beautiful falcon lives in coastal prairies, wetlands, savannahs, scrublands, deciduous woodlands, pine woodlands, and open desert grasslands.

Reasons for decline

the Northern Aplamado falcon is possibly exposed to predators. Also, the U.S. government suggested to get rid of prairie dogs by poison where some Aplamado falcons lived.

How we try to help

Scientists are trying to help with this feathery fiasco. They collect the females and release them after they give birth to babies.

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