Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
                        By: Scott Booth


An Element is a pure substance that cannot be split apart into separate pieces of matter. A pure substance is a matter in which is made up of only one type of particle and Particles or Atoms Are the smallest particle/substance to where no human can see with the naked eye.

                     Examples of Elements

Steel, Gold, Cobalt, Iron, Tin, Copper, Lead, Sulfur, Neon, Boron, Silicon, Antimony, Etc.


A compound is two or more elements put together but can be easily separated either physically or chemically. A particle of a compound is a molecule and molecules of compounds are formed when atoms of more than one elements come together.

                    Examples of Compounds

Table salt, Water, Vinegar, Carbon Dioxide, Baking Soda, Etc


A mixture is a mix of several other substances that are NOT physically nor chemically mixed together. When 2 or more substances, elements, are put together, it is what's called a mixture if they do not react to form a compound.

                    Examples of Mixtures

Pizza, Magnets, Centrifuge, Etc.


These are all the facts and examples of Mixture, Compound, and Element.

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