How to Build a Fire

This story taught me to never to make a fire with snow in its branches.

This Story starts in Alaska, mostly in Yukon Territory. So a man and a dog challenge themselves to venture out into the woods at night, not knowing it was 75 degrees below freezing. The man and the dog ventured far into the woods, they got lost. The man didn’t want to stay anymore because it was cold.

The man took a chew of tobacco and retraced his tracks; he veered off in the wrong direction. He soon fell through some ice, falling to the waist down in the freezing cold water. He soon rushed out; his boots were turning into crystalized ice. The man didn’t know about his boots or how cold it was.

He kept saying “It was cold”. The man was cold so he made a fire. It was very important to make a fire when your feet are wet even when you’re wearing 7 layers of socks. The man ventured on leaving his fire. He never was heard from again until now……

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