Sabrina Yhelka

March 24, 2015
Tough Question

I read the first chunk of fifty-seven pages of the book and it brought up some tough questions in my mind. Why did she call the police on the party? Why can't she tell her ex-friends her reason? Why didn't any of her "friends" ask her about it? In the book Melinda struggles with wanting to tell her ex-best friend Rachel why she busted the party, but she has some reason unknown to me why she can't. I do want to find out why she called the cops too but it didn't say why yet. I also know if I did something that my friends didn't like they would ask me why I did what I did, and if they didn't give me a chance to explain my side of the story then what kind of friends are they in the first place. Those are some of the questions that keep repeating in my head and hopefully they will get answered later in the book.

March 25, 2015
Memory Moments

In the book on pages 133 to 136 it is a flashback to what happened at they party. It starts of by stating why she went, who she went with, and where it was. Rachel got them to go and blackmailed her brother to drive them.It was at a farm house a couple miles away in August. She tried beer for the first time and got slightly drunk. She goes to get away for a bit in the woods and hears some noises of other people.Then she meets a senior who was flirting with her. He danced with her and grabbed her butt. Then they kissed and things got heated. They ended up on they ground with him on top of her. He asked if she wanted to and she tried to say no and make excuses. He kissed her again and when she opens her mouth to scream he covers it. He undresses her and rapes her then gets up, zips his pants, smiles and leaves. She doesn't remember what happened next she just remembers seeing a telephone and calling the police. Someone grabbed the phone yell that the cops were coming. Someone slaps her and she sees Rachel'a angry face. She then crawled out of the room and walked to her empty home not saying anything. So know we know what happened at the party and why she called the cops. Now it's just to see if she tell anyone what actually happened.

March 26, 2015
Again and Again

Throughout the book a tree is mentioned over and over again. One reason its mentioned is because of the fact it is what she picked in Mr. Freeman's class. She is to sketch, papier mache, carve, and sculpt it. Also she has to do computer-aided designs with it. By the end of the school year she must make her tree say something and express an emotion. At the start of this project she thinks it will be easy. It is not as easy as she thinks, so throughout the whole year she struggles to perfect her trees.

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