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Have some listening music while we break down what we're all about.  Here at The Invest Nest, we offer a variety of short term and long term options with varying levels of returns and security.

Safe Options:

We got your back here.  These choices are really solid and nothing short of a massive apocalyptic stock market collapse should stop you from getting a return on your money.  And let's face it, if the apocalypse happens, money is not going to happen nearly as much.  Decide to place your money in the Safe Package and we will deposit your money into:

  • Corporate, Municipal, and Treasury Bond Package: These bonds are loaning a business money where they have to pay you back. Since these bonds take a bit to mature, we usually use these with long term packages.  Corporate bonds come from AAA rated businesses so we know we are going to get a good investment out of them.  Municipal bonds help to fund city projects like highway building.  Treasury Bonds are borrowed from the US government and helps them.
  • Money Market Mutual Funds  (MMMF) Package: These funds are more short term and can be easily cashed in and out. These are for users who want to easily deposit and withdraw money. It should be noted, however, that MMMFs are not insured, but are tightly regulated and considered to be quite safe. Short term financial assets included in the MMMF Package include short term bonds, treasury bills, and large denomination CDs.  CDs stand for Certificate of Deposite and they are certificates given out by banks that pay back interest over time.  The difference between a CD and a bond is CDs can be sold earlier.
I call this one easy money.

Profit Packages:

We call these profit packages because they can return a larger yield than the safe package.  Our researches will do their best to find the right stocks and CDs to invest in so that you get a safe and sizable return.

  • Stock Package:  If you chose this option, your money will go towards well researched common stocks that show a future of a steady increase.  We like to call these bull stocks.  No bears here.  Stocks will be placed mostly in preferred stocks.  These options can be returned easily.
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD) Package:  If you chose this option, your money will go towards CDs from banks.  With this package, you will have to be patient to recieve full payment, but returns are generally safer and stronger.  *To clarify the use of CDs in the MMMF package, these CDs will generally have stronger payoff at the risk of being more safe.
Look at all those capital gains

Power Packages

These power packages have the potential to give the largest returns possible.  With power packages, we have our best researches working every day to find new companies with lots of potential to invest in to make sure you get a powerful return and removing the risk from risk/reward.

  • Junk Bond Package:  Unlike regular bonds, junk bonds come from corporations with the potential to grow massively.  However, like regular bonds, this requires a long term investment, so hang tight, roll the dice, and watch your money boom.
  • Super Stock Package: This is like our other stock package except we invest in small booming businesses instead of steadily inclining ones.  These can be returned easily, but we think it is more beneficial to let the money sit there and grow.
Let's go make some money

401k Packages:

This package is a little unusual compared with our other packages.  This one is a plan for a savings package similar to what your employer should be offering.

If your employer does not offer a 401k, we will offer the exact same for all intents and purposes.  Instead of your employer collecting money from your paycheck to invest in a retire, you send a portion of your paycheck to us.  When you retire, we give your money back plus interest, a little per month!  Way cool!

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Thank you for the $100 starter investment. Really needed that boost. -Philip

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I think the page for the $100 dollar starter investment might be broken. You should check the link again. XD