It's a bird, It's a plane! No it is Hero of Metropolis itself Superman!

DC Legends: Superman.

Superman has been a famous super-hero over the years. But what history does the "Man of Steel" have and who created him?

Who Created Superman and why?

Superman was created by two teens named Jerry Siegel(Artist) and Joe Shuster(Writer) in 1933. The rumor that went on then was to create the powerful hero in a Ohio High School to attract girls.In 1938, It was published into the Detective Comics (which is now called DC comics)

What was Superman's first appearance?

Again, Superman first appeared in 1933 but somewhat different back in that time. The creators who made the fictional character was going to be bald and be a rich and spoiled super villain. However this was changed in 1938 when they published it into DC Comics and turned out like this(See the second picture). Although there are many spin offs in the Superman comic series, like Superman wearing the Soviet Union Hammer and Sickle symbol on his chest in the Red Son Series. Also Superman wearing Batman's  costume? Pretty Strange if you think about it, but it was in the comic series called Speeding Bullets

The Reign of The Super Man created in 1932
So much has changed over the years for this legendary hero!

How Many Superman movies (Live-Action) are there/Who Directed Them?

Ah yes movies, a entertainment to all ages. But if a famous fictional character becomes famous, someone has to make a movie out of it. Some has major success, others.. well lets say they are not remembered very well. There are a total of 8 Superman movies if you count the new Superman/Batman movie. The directors of those movies are Zack Synder who made Man Of Steel in 2013 and the Upcoming Superman Vs Batman. Bryan Singer made Superman Returns in 2006. Richard Donner made Superman in 1978 and Superman II 2 years later. Sidney J. Furie made Superman IV: The Quest For Peace in 1987. And Richard Lester also did Superman II but made Superman III in 1983.

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