Astronomy Module: 2
Our Way Around The Sun...

Look around you right now.  Would you believe that You ARE moving?  The entire globe is moving! The earth is moving 24 hours a day, 365 days per year!  Our seasons, days/nights and years are all revolved around our earth's movement around the sun.  

Earth's Orbit Around The Sun

Please put the article below into your Notability notes labeled "Astronomy" and read closely about our sun.  Pay close attention to the BOLD words and how they are so important to having a proficient understanding about how our earth and sun are connected.  

Click Here To Read About Our Sun!

Solar System Rap

Now that you know that our world is constantly moving, I bet you have a lot of questions!  Take a minute and think of something you're curious about regarding our earth's path around the sun. Click on the link that that has your teacher's name wiht it to post to our Padlet!   Faccio   Hawker   Kentop  Shipley   Zavernik
I'm so excited to take our learning out into SPACE!  

In your astronomy journal: please make sure you have recorded information about our sun.  Some examples may be: What's the sun's role in how we get our seasons?  What is the suns role in Day/Night?  

Some additional words of interest may be:  Rotate--Revolve--Tilt--Axis--Gravity

The next set of directions: Please click on the following link and import the entire text into your Astronomy Module 2 Notability notebook.  Please closely read the text and complete the activities that are embedded in the readings.  This must be completed before you continue on to Module 3:  (CLICK HERE FOR TEXT)