Arksego Nigeria Limited - Practical Solutions

In its 35 years of existence, Arksego Nigeria Limited has become a leading player in the security business in Nigeria. The company is wholly owned and operated by Nigerians, and also puts in place security recommendations from its professional expatriate advisers. The vision of the company is to safeguard the lives, reputation and assets of its clients. The company offers security service to individuals and businesses, but the main clients are from the oil and gas industry, banking, and telecommunication sector. The company provides guard services, integrated electronic security systems, security risk assessment and management, security training, and asset tracking and management.

As one of the leading security companies in Nigeria, Arksego Nigeria Limited is committed to providing a reliable and efficient security system to all its clients. The company focuses on providing security systems that work. The company is committed to providing tailor-made security systems to clients all across Nigeria. Arksego has repeatedly shown its effectiveness in providing practical security services in high-risk areas around Nigeria. The company achieves its objectives through extensive security surveys, risk threat analysis, and assessment of existing security systems.

Arksego Nigeria Limited has highly trained security personnel who can respond and effectively react to any given risk situation. Staff training is regularly conducted at its main office in Lagos, as well at all the other five regional offices. Staff are trained in various areas like; foot patrol, mobile patrol, facilities protection, crowd control, crisis management, protective services, vehicle fleet management, remote vehicle disabling, vehicle data monitoring (with GPS and GPRS systems), and escort services.

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