Modern Warfare

Poison Gas

Poison gas was first used by the Germans and then used by both groups. The gases caused blindness, blisters, and death caused by choking. The use of poison gas made it easier for armies to attack the other side. Soldiers did not have to physically be there to handle the poison which allowed them to get more things done.

Machine Gun

The machine gun was another useful way to attack the enemy. The velocity of machine guns at the time were about 2,100 feet per second which allowed troops to shoot from a far range. Also, machine guns we able to shoot 450 rounds per minute. Because machine guns shot so many bullets in such a short amount of time, and had a far range, they made it easier for soldiers to kill the enemy quickly.


During World War I, many weapons were being thrown together to bring a stop to the stalemates. One weapon that was created was the tank. It made it possible for armies to move around. Also, it made it possible to move across many terrains.


When the Germans introduced the submarine, it became very popular. It used torpedoes to shoot at other ships in the ocean. It was very effective because stopped ships from bring resources to the troops on land which was beneficial.


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