A tour of Minnesota

Caroline Hatch - 1st period

Mississippi river in Minnesota

I want to go to Minnesota see my family. I also want to meet the Minnesota vikings.

enterprise  standard 14.99 per day plus .20 cent per mile is how much a car rental that can drive 1,227 miles

what would be the function for renting a car this company c=14.99+.20m, where c total cost and m is the number of miles.




they total cost to rent this car for a day to travel to Minnesota  would be $260.39

national car rental will charge $18 per day and .05 per mile

a function for renting a caar from this company is c=18.00+0.05m, where c is total cost and m is the numbers of miles





the total cost to rent this care from national car rental for a day to travel to minnesota would be 79.35.

national car rental is the better deal for me to rent a car to travel to minnesota. it would be $181.04 cheaper the enterprise.

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