2nd Period:  Dontrelle B, Maurice H, Zerius H.

Picture Caption #1 (Dontrelle Photo 1): This is the school I attend at the time it is mostly known as the old Lucy Flowers and its sports teams of basketball and football. It’s located in the East Garfield Park Area (Right across the street from the Garfield Conservatory).

Picture Caption #2 (Dontrelle Photo 2): This is a photo of the train stop i get off at for school as well as the stop of the Central Park Conservatory. This is also a view of the Chicago Skyline (Although this is a closer picture than the one below its doesn't look as great).

Picture Caption #3 (Dontrelle Photo 3): This is a train Station I commonly use every day. It is located on the west side of Chicago and shows the Chicago skyline in the background (You can now infer that it’s in Chicago). (Although this train station is farther away from the skyline than the previous picture it has a better view of the it).

Picture Caption #4 (Dontrelle Photo 4): This is a Chicago Park District, One of the more popular and better known ones because of its history like its time back in the day as city hall of the Austin community Its also is known for the (2012 water polo tournament which they won the same year ,Sharing it with Homan Square).

Picture Caption #5 (Dontrelle Photo 5): This is the neighborhood high school of my neighborhood which is Austin. This school is located on 231 N Pine Ave, Chicago, IL. It consists on 3 schools on the inside (APA, ABEA, and Voice). This is also one of the ASM headquarters in the area

Picture Caption #6 (Dontrelle Photo 6): This is a split picture of two vacated houses now turned into a lot of garbage. The people around it use it as the dumb and/or the place to fight (left Photo).The other is a place similar minus the fighting but the grass grows very high (but it wasn't in this picture) people usually sleep or use the bathroom there(right photo).

Picture Caption #1 (Maurice Photo 1):

Picture Caption #2 (Maurice Photo 2):

Picture Caption #3 (Maurice Photo 3):

Picture Caption #4 (Maurice Photo 4):

Picture Caption #5 (Maurice Photo 5):

Picture Caption #6 (Maurice Photo 6):

Picture Caption #1 (Zerius Photo 1): This is a photo of me and my friends walking in our neighborhood which is located on 16th and Karlov. As we walking we seen the police sitting on the block monitoring and protecting our neighborhood so children would be safe.

Picture Caption #2 (Zerius Photo 2): This is an image of a tree with a bunch of Remy bottles around it. This is the tree that we call “ILL Will Tree” because that’s where my homie by the name of Will died at. We decorated the tree so we can always remember him.

Picture Caption #3 (Zerius Photo 3): This is an image of my brother and his friend. They both died on the same day and they both were best friends. They had their funeral on the same day, on that day I was hurt because I knew I wasn’t gone see them no more but I realized that they in a better place.

Picture Caption #4 (Zerius Photo 4): This is an image of the block that I was raised on which is located on 16th and Karlov. I had been on this block since I was a baby. We use to play basketball, football, fight, and have block club parties. When we was young we use to have a lot of fun, but now this block got dangerous. It’s a lot of gang banging, shooting, and people dying.