Zombie Apocalypse Land Region Project

                                                         By: Alysen Duffy

           In social studies, we picked out a “plane ticket” to a country in Europe. I picked out Greece. We must start out in our country’s capital. We have 24 hours in our hotel room, after 24 hours we must leave. We have a bike. We must ride our bikes out of the city to somewhere we can stay. We have to two locations where we can go and stay safe. We also can not approach or be near zombies, so we can not use weapons.

           My Hotel and Transportation

        My hotel is Attica Beach Hotel. It is a small hotel with a poor review. Why did I choose this hotel? I choose this hotel because it won’t be very populated. People would rather find a big hotel than a small rotten hotel.

        My transportation is a bike. My bike folds up and has a basket that connects and disconnects. I choose this bike because If I run into a lake, I can carry my bike across the lake. Or if I run into a steep mountain. I can carry it up with me. I will hold my bag in the basket.

                         My Bug Out Bag

Food, Tools & Supplies-      For food, I would go to the buffet in my hotel. Were I would steal apples,  bananas, grapes, rice, and vegetables. To drink would be energy drinks. Why would anyone want to bring a energy drink? Well, in a zombie apocalypse, you do not want to sleep very much. Sleeping could let the zombies catch up and attack you. I would grab                                                                                                           Water-     In Athens, there is an army store. I would head there. After grabbing full water bottles and my metal water bottle. I would go to the army store and buy a aqua straw. Aqua straws are straws you can put in any body of water and the straw will purify  the water. It will turn swamp water into clean water.

Clothing & Bedding-     I would bring my clothes that I brought along in the first place. I would use half for bandaging and the other outfits to wear. My shower curtain in my room, will be used to wrap around me because it is water proof, so I won’t get wet. The last thing I would bring would be a few towels from the pool. This way I can keep my cuts and scratches clean.                                                                                           

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