Fish Tank Project

By: Sarah Paschal & Harley Rainwater


The angelfish requires at least a 29 gallon tank with about an extra gallon for each 1 inch of fish. In addition to this, the tank should be moderately planted with plenty of places for the fish to hide. The water temperature should be within the range of 76-87 degrees F. Their maximum size is six inches and their diet consists of flake, frozen, and freeze dried fish food.

Mickey Mouse Platy

The Platy fish requires a 10 gallon or more tank that should be moderately planted so the fish can plenty of areas where it can hide. The temperature should be within the range of 72-82 degrees F, and they eat flake fish food. Their maximum size if around three inches and they live very well with other fish.  


The fish that we are hoping to get will require at least 46 gallons of water in a tank to ensure plenty of space and happiness for our fish. The medium sized tank would appear to work well for this situation. The dimensions fr this tank are 36 inches, 15 inches, and 20 inches. These inches before anything else, must be converted to feet, making the new dimensions 3 feet, 1.25 feet, and 1.67 feet.  This then equals a volume of 6.26 feet cubed. This volume this has to be calculated for gallons, and that is accomplished by multiplying this number by 7.5 which then equals about 47 gallons, perfect for our fish.


Gravel in the bottom of a tanks should be around 2 inches high for all fish. For out tank, the dimensions for this gravel should be 36 inches, 15 inches, and 2 inches. In the end, the volume for the gravel alone is 1080 inches cubed, or about 4.7 gallons of water. In the end, we will end up needing about 15 bags of the 5 lb gravel bags.

Tank Decorations


2a + 1b = c

The a in the equation represents the angelfish which we are getting two of, and the b is the Mickey Mouse Platy that we are getting only 1 of. Together, when prices are added into the variables, the c can represent the cost it takes to buy the fish. A, or the price of the angel fish, should equal $5 dollars and the b, or price of the platy, should equal 1. In the end, we will be spending about $11 dollars on our fish.

Filled Tank

Itemized Budget