The Great Hall of Hrothberts

Historic Anglo-Saxon Mead Hall

Anglo-Saxon Church at Dover Castle

Nestled in the picturesque community of Copenhagen, Denmark, the Hrotherberts Mead Hall is ruled by the mighty King David IV. Spanning across seven spacious acres, the lot includes a main dining hall and two outbuildings for the warriors' convenience.

Dover Castle

The hall is roughly 90 feet long and 50 feet wide, and can hold approximately 75 men.


The King

His Noble Steed by atistatplay

King David was born in the capital city, into a wealthy monarchy. He loves his country and his people and is well-known for being a loud, but very gracious ruler. He enjoys pina coladas, long walks on the beach, and riding his trusty stead through the town square, as seen above.  He has  a passion for horses and even in his old age, the King particularly loves a good game of polo.  

The King and his men have recently won a great battle against the local beast, known as Shrendel, which they must properly celebrate in the grand Mead Hall!


The Meal

The meal will begin with a traditional Danish appetizer 0f Oysters with your choice of topping.

There is a little journey in every oyster

The classics continue with a hearty meal of roast goose with prunes and apples, scalloped potatoes, and a vegetable medley.

Roast Goose
Alu-beans bhaja

For dessert, the King and his Thanes will dine on traditional Danish Kringle.

File:Kringle (6868378753).jpg

The Customs

Traditionally the King will award one sword of honor for each battle. After the meal, King David has a small ceremony honoring Ray Wolf, a strong and mighty thane who played a key role in defeating Shrendel.

File:Albion Chieftain Medieval Sword 13 (6092445702)

To please King David as well as the other thanes, the men who defeated Shrendel will loudly and obnoxiously retell the story of the battle, with exaggeration and great detail, to boast about their skills. This will happen many times throughout the evening.

To give thanks to his majesty, the thanes then honor King David with the heart of Shrendel, captured by Ray Wolf himself. This will be hung in the Mead Hall forever, to remind the men of the great victory.

File:Heart in hand.jpg

Women spent the evening bringing out food and ensuring that everyone had a full cup of mead in their hands at all times. They were not necessarily apart of the celebration, but rather just the waitresses to the men.

To please their King, the Thanes  performed his favorite Danish songs to end the night.

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