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Cultural Influences on Atlantic Canada

Brussels, capital of Belgium

One of the smallest countries in Europe, Belgium is bordered by France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, with a narrow coastline along the North Sea. It's area is 30,528 km squared and the current 2014 population is 11,147,413. The birth of the country was October 4, 1830. Belgium's  National Anthem is called "La Brabanconne." It's capital is Brussels.

Belgium Flag and Seal

Belgium Cultural Factors

  Belgium is one of the most heavily populated countries in Europe, and it is also very diverse. There are three prominent languages. In the northern parts are the Flemings, who speak Dutch. In the southern parts are the Walloons, who speak French. And in the city of Liege there is a small German speaking population.  

  Table manners and Greetings is a form of nation pride in Belgium, but different areas have different customs. The typical Flemish greeting involves a quick handshake. While the Walloon greet with a kiss on the cheek, and tend to eat their dinner later then the Flemings.  

Map of Belgium

Factors that Have Contributed to the Globalization of Belgium

There are many things that have contributed to the globalization of the country. They are a very diverse country that has impacted the globalization. Some of there common languages are French, German, and Dutch. One of the main religions in Belgium is Catholic. There are many communities that speak it. The Catholic University of Louvain at scenic Louvain-la-Neuve and the Catholic University of Leuven at even scenic Leuven are examples of there religion. Brussels has also contributed to the Globalization because it is a large city with many sites to see.

Culture of Belgium

Belgium celebrates many of the holidays that we celebrate here, like Christmas, New Years Day, Labor Day, and Easter Monday, and also some unofficial holidays like Halloween. They also celebrate many holidays of there own like Belgium National Day on July 21st, All Saint's Day on November 1, and Armistice Day on November 11.

Their currency is Euro. The education system in Belgium goes pre-primary education, primary education, secondary education, and higher education. The one you go to as a kid depends on your age. The schools are normally either French, Dutch or German. Belgium's top five most popular sports are football, cycling, tennis, athletics, and basketball. Roman Catholicism still remains the predominant religion in Belgium, but there are many others as well. Islam is the second largest practiced religion. Brussels is one of the the main visited places in Belgium because it is the capital. One of the well known monuments in Belgium is the grand palace. It is the town hall of Brussels. Another one is the St Bavo Cathedral, located in Ghent. One of there famous museums is the Royal Museums of fine arts of Belgium. One of the other famous museums is the Musical Instrument Museum. There are many other museums but these are the two most famous.

Belgium National Flower ( red poppy )

Belgium Culture brought to Atlantic Canada

During the mid 20th century many immigrants from Belgium came to Atlantic Canada during the second world war, this brought over much of the culture in Belgium to us. A lot of culture from Belgium became popular when it came to Atlantic Canada. The TV show "The Smurfs" is well known and it originated there. It was later made into a movie in 2011. Belgium is famous for there beer, and a lot of it is now popular in Atlantic Canada. Duvel beer is one example. Belgium chocolate is a very popular treat that is now in Atlantic Canada. Over all there are many different things from Belgium that have moved to Atlantic Canada.

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