By: Nick Wade

Squinting at the sun
As its brightness hits my face
Soaring over the water
Motor humming, riding the sea

We're off to the cliff
Where I said I would go
Staring at crashing waves
Regretting? I didn't know

We halt at the bottom
It didn't look that high
The cliff towered over me
50 feet tall

I swim to the edge
And reach a path below
Ascending up higher
I glance at the boat

There's no way this is 50ft
Not a chance in the world!
It had to be a hundred
Or somewhere close by

Gathering my courage
Then swallowing my gut
I take a leap of faith
To the distant blue beneath my feet

20 seconds I counted
Of utter free-fall
Feeling out of control
With wind in my eyes

Going faster and faster
On this 50ft drop
I shut my eyes tight
And feel cold under my feet

Plunging into the water
I feel myself stop
A bit shocked by the cold
I dart to the top

Emerging from the water
Like a triumphant loin
I leap back on the boat
To never forget

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