Flood that happens in Mississauga

     On 2017, June 9 Monday afternoon. A flood killed 79 and 2 kids named Tyler Groves and Rose Cat. This happened because the river swelled and floods the city. It took years to regrow and rebuild all the houses and plants. All the people that died they will have a funeral on May 10th.

      Kevin brown "I was on my way to school and I saw the water coming , so I ran home but when I got there my mom and dad was dead. I was crying because they where all I had I have no friends at school and my other family members did not live close to me I am only 12 and i can't take care of my self at this age.

         Paul Ice he was a shopkeeper. " I saw the water coming but I never thought it would reach over here because it was a small river. I am in a bad mood because i had all my most important valuables in my store and in my house. And all the priceless items I had are worth nothing now. That was my only way that i had coming in and because i did not finish school i cant work at any good jobs with good pay.

     Everyone has to wait to go back to Mississauga. it will take 14 weeks for all the water to drain out. But it will take years for all the houses and plants to grow back. The animals all died and will need to reproduce in the wild  

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