Maria Olivia Castedo

Enjoy the little things...


My name is Maria Olivia Castedo. I am 11 years old. I am super girlish. I love friends and everybody! Happy day!

I love quotes✹

I'm a hand in people's life. I'm always helping them. You should always help people too. Lets' make a change in the world. Be a rainbow for other people.

I am a fan of fashion∞.

I'm always wearing something a la mode. My favorite store is Forever 21 and Abercrombie and Fitch. I love dresses and my favorite color is marine blue. Become a fan of fashion!

I love tennis❥

It's not just a sport, it's my life. I play tenis everyday at the afternoon. I love it. I have a Babolat raquet and I play with Penn balls. My favorite tennis clothes is from Nike. LOVE TENNIS!


My favorite ice cream is Haagen Daaz. I'm in love with it! My favorite flavor is Java Chip. I eat it every time I travel to the US. Its originated from Germany. It is exquisite!


Sushi is my favorite food! It is originated from Japan. It has rice and it has a black thing covered around it called Nori. It is delicious and I eat it everyday afterschool!

My lovely Family❣

My family is my everything. We are a family of four. My sister, my mom, my dad and me! I love them. My sister is 8 I am 11 and it is disrespectful to say my parent's ages. ;)

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