The Winner Wins a Free Vacation!

Well Employee's it is time to step up your game! The Employee who can generate the most new clients in the next month will win a 3-day vacation to Australia.

           the 3 -Day Trip

Day 1: You are able to choose from a list of places to go out to breakfast, then you can either go swimming with the dolphins or go on a nice trail through the woods on horseback. After that you have a couple options on where to go for dinner, then after that you can go back to the beach house and watch the sun go down.

Day 2:  At the beginning of you day you start off with a nice massage Then after that you can either go scuba diving or go on a nice tour of the nice places in Australia. Then finally you can go back to your beach house and go relax.

Day 3:  On your last day in Australia you get to go to the local zoo and go see baby kangaroos. Then you get to go on a nice hike. After that you can end your day at a nice restaurant .The plane will be waiting for you the next morning at 6:00

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