Exploration Proposal

Why I Should go to the New World

England will become the ruler of the world, life is a competition. I will bring victory to my home land. On my honor, I will go to the New World, bring back supplies, and increase our empire. THIS IS FOR ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!

When I Plan on Going

What Year I am Going

Lord King Henry VIII, the year I plan on going is in 1525. The  main reason I am not leaving right this second is because of supplies. I need you to fund my expedition. I do not have enough money myself. Don' t get worried though, I promise to bring back more money and glory than I am requesting. I believe that I can glorify England for you.  

What Others Are Searching For

What the Other Countries Seek

The Other Countries are looking for very specific supplies. They are looking for items/feelings such as gold, glory, and natural resources (Including us). The other countries are our competitors. To win, we must, not only find these supplies, but we must find even more materials.

What I am Looking For

The Materials That I Seek

I am also looking for specific supplies as well. I am looking for things such as, soil, water, rubber, heat, oil, and metals (Titanium, Steel, Platinum, and Gold). My list not only covers the list of others but it has even more.

Where I am Going

What Specific Place I am Going

I am going to aim for the area near the Atlantic coast. Rumor has it that there is an abundance of supplies in the area. If that is true, then the area will be perfect.

Problems I Expect to See

What Problems I am Expecting And How I Will Resolve Them

I am definitely expecting problems, but I also have ideas of their solutions. I will attempt a truce with the Natives. With the other Europeans however, I will flee the area with all my men to avoid all conflict and loss of any resources/materials. If the Natives don't want truce, then I have no choice, I will go into hiding, and secretly do all my works.

Our Cometition

Who we Are Competing With

Our enemies are very obvious. The people with the same goals as us include, Spain, and France. If you send me, then I will dominate these countries and bring glory to England.

My Motivation

Who Motivated Me To This Point

My extreme inspiration is coming from our very own, John Cabot. He was an explorer that probably brought much needed glory to England. I plan on doing the same as him.


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