The Benefits of Pleated Air Filters

There is quite a bit of information out there through Internet sites, your local yellow pages phone book, or even from advertisements or word of mouth for the variety of furnace filters available. We offer Stainless steel mesh grease filters. Once you become a homeowner, or even a renter of a new home, it is imperative that you use a furnace filter that is not only healthy for you and your family, but also cost-effective.

Regular maintenance such as overall cleaning and replacing the air filter for your furnace is essential for preventing your furnace or air conditioner from breaking down due to a build-up of dust particles in the fan motor. With a small charge for replacement of your filter, you can potentially avoid the higher cost of a repair bill later.

There are a number of benefits for your home when you make the decision to choose a pleated Fluid filters. These pleated filters are made from material that is folded into pleats and is available in a number of depth sizes such as 1, 2, 4, 5 and even 6 inches deep. The most common sizes for air conditioners and furnaces are either a 1 or 2-inch depth.

By having a filter that is folded into pleats, it increases the entire surface area of the filter and helps extend the life of the filter. Just as any other furnace filter, you will want to monitor these pleated furnace filters for any blockage and change them regularly according to the manufacturer's directions.

The assortment of types of Absolute HEPA filter can be confusing for some consumers as to the quality and efficiency for your furnace operation. There are some pleated air filters that contain a wire mesh on one side of the filter in order to help maintain the shape and not collapse after time from air passing through it continuously. There are some higher-efficiency filters that do not have this wire mesh since the material that they are manufactured with is strong enough to withstand usage over time. We offer Rigid pocket filter.

Electrostatic pleated air filters are a high-end furnace filter and are typically more efficient in removing allergens and dust particles from the air as it passes through your duct system. If you suffer from allergies then this type of filter is recommended for you, but for those who don't worry about household dust or allergens, then a cheaper pleated air filter will do.

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