Piedmont Natives!!!


Catawba is a Indian word for divided or separated . The way they survive by growing crops.The also traded crops to other Indian tribes they made house all over the state.They survived by making what they needed.They made weapons like arrows and bows hand made.

This 1st picture is a frozen tipi.This 2nd picture is a tipis in a long view.

This tipi is what Indians use to live in.

Chowanoc-Southerners .Native Americans made there weapons and clothes hand made.They were strong when the Europeans first came to North Carolina.The chowanoc tribe was strong and well known.

Andrew Jackson was the 7th President.He was born in 1767, his dad died before he was born .Andrew got a nickname of old hickory during the war of 1812.He became a hero at the battle of war of New Orleans.President Jackson loved children and he adapted one of Rachels Nephew and he was a Creek Indian.

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