The Afghan Overpopulation

Afghanistan: Population 35.55 Million

The Problem at Hand

In the nation of Afghanistan the population is growing out of control due to overbreeding. The overgrowth is a bi-product of old Afghan traditions that cause the citizens to create large families. Due to these traditions, the country is having its worst population explosion in history.

How the Country Is being Harmed

Due to the population explosion, proper housing and sufficient amounts of food are increasingly difficult to come across. The overpopulation also creates difficulty in the education system because the schools can only hold so many people. Worst of all, the problems with housing and education are causing the crime rates to soar as the illiteracy grows.

The Solution

I think that the best way for the situation to be controlled is for a limit to be set for the maximum number of children in each household. This solution would be implemented through a system that orders mandatory vasectomies after two children have been born in a household. It would be a difficult job, but with enough effort it can be achieved.

Why We should be Concerned

If the Afghan population continues to grow, then eventually some of them will leave the country and start filling other countries with refugees, due to our position as the "land of opportunity", we would be a prime location for their migration. The other potential issue that this could spawn is the possibility that these swarms of Afghan children could be taken and used for the campaigns of ISIS. If the latter happens, then terrorism will be even harder to fight. So let's make sure that Afghanistan's population slows its increase and keep America safe.

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