Manufactured Fibers

Diamond Howell


Polyester is made from coal or petroleum. It's easy to care for, has great wash-ability, and pills easily. Polyester is used for children's wear, shirts, and suits.


Nylon is the first fiber to be manufactured with chemicals. Nylon is a strong and durable type of fiber. It dries quickly and washes easily. The most common use it has is swimwear and windbreakers.


Acrylic resembles wool, it has a soft and warm feel to it. It's bulky, but very lightweight. It has static buildup.

The common uses for acrylic fiber is bathrobes, knitted garments, outdoor furniture fabrics and awnings, and terry cloths.

Rayon is a soft, absorbent, and comfortable fiber. Stretches out and when wet it weakens. Rayon mildew and wrinkles very easy.

The common use for rayon fiber is linings, sports shirts, and jackets.


Acetate is an inexpensive fiber and easy to dye. It's also has a deep luster, and soft feel. The special care needed in cleaning. It's commonly used in neckties, blouses, and linings.


Spandex is a stretchable material. It get easily damaged by chlorine bleach. Spandex is soft and a lightweight fiber. It's commonly used for swimwear, dance wear, and execrise wear.

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