11/26/14 Introducing Arianna!!

One thing about me is that when I get older I plan on going to Paris. I've been wanting to go there for a long time and as soon as I get the opportunity to go I will definitely go. I want to go here because it just sounds like a beautiful place too stay With very pretty colors.

I've lived in MN for 15 years, yeah my whole life. I plan on moving to a much more sunnier place without a lot of snow. Minnesota will always be my home even if I'm farway or just in the next city.

The last thing about me is that I love too look at gorgeous views. Sometimes on Christmas me and my mom always go downtown just too see the lights flicker and shine. Some grand views can always make me smile because it's really pretty

I love too hang out with my friends and family because I think the closest ones to you should always spend time with you. I always try to switch off at times when I want too spend time with my family and friends all in the same week. I love them a lot.

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3 years ago

Beautiful photos and well written explanations. I understand your desire for travel and sunnier climes!