By: Jace  B.

Buffalo Bill

buffalo bill was born in 1846 in Iowa near scotts contry.

Who is buffalo bill? Buffalo bill was a famous sharp shooter. He was first a pony express rider .He killed buffaloes for the construction crew.He did such a good job he got the medal of honer award.                       

Buffalo bill joined the pony express when he was 14 years old .he did do a great job every day until the some one made a good invention .
buffalo bill joned the wild west show 1872 he traveled for 3 deades,.

Also Annie Oakley joined the Wild West show for one decade and a half(15years) .

Annie Oakley could do some cool tricks like her husband would put a cigarette in his mouth and Annie could shoot it .  She could  throw up a 49 cards and  shoot 1 bullet through all of them.

Buffalo bill died in January,10 1846 because of his kiney failed

Buffalo bill was a good man he was one of the best sharp shooters in the world.