And the rain of the United States

1. What groups are involve, who had the power?

     The groups in this game were the Army and Wealthy, USA, peasants, Guerrillas, and Guatemala Government. The main power came from the army and wealthy at the beginning, but then there was power shifts and things changed fast. The great guerrillas were getting  more and more msu's by the second. But after all, it was not enough and the United States had all the power no matter what. So they technically had the most power out of all of us the whole time.

2. How the balance of power shifted and why?

    The balance of power shifted because a lot of treaties were being made and many alliances were being made to help some groups get msu's. My group, the guerrillas,  Found the easiest way to get power is from making friends with people and attacking the army and wealthy. Also we had a nice treaty to get 50 msu's whenever we want. We just had to let Cuban's on our land. When we attacked others from the army and wealthy we never lost any, we just added them to our balance. The reason we went for all this power is because we wanted complete control so we would get the power needed to do so. Over the cycle of the game a lot of the msu's evened out within the groups but only one group rose up and it was us.

3. How was cooperation and conflict shown in the game (violence/corruption/war)?

      Cooperation and conflict was always a big problem in the game. Between every group there was always at least one problem in the game. Our main problem was getting attacked and attacking others,  because they were not cooperating and making a peace treaty with us, so we decided to attack them. We were wondering why they would not make a treaty but they would say they would not attack us, but they did anyway. This situation sort of reminds me of what happened in North Korea, where they were making nuclear weapons but they were saying they would not use them, but they still continued to make them regardless. They would not make a treaty, but they claimed they would not attack. They still decied to make weapons for attacking and i feel that this is sort of what the army and wealthy were doing in the game.

4. What role did the US have on the simulation?

     The US was supposed to be the mediators, but instead they decided to play a lot of tricks and make it harder for everybody else. Also at the end of the game, they got to do whatever they want, because they have the most power so they could alter the country in any way. I was really surprised when this happened because I thought the US would stay out of it, but I guess we could not keep it in control without them. The game would be much diferent without them because they kept more peace with some of there threats and we did not want to mess with anyone allied with them.

5.What happens to a country when power shifts, is the effect positive or negative?

     When power shifts in a country, it will have good and bad effects towards everyone. Whoever gains the power will be having a better time than say the ones who lost it all. It is like when we have a new president every four years. There is a lot of changes that happen and sometimes the new person can make the country better or worse. Just on a different scale, a group gets the power not just one man. I think it just depends on the views of where the power is changing to.

6.Apply this information to YOUR LIFE! What relationships do you have in your life, how are cooperation and conflict evident? Provide a minimum of 2 examples.

Between me and my parents, we have conflict because they do not always let me do what I want, and I do not see why in some cases. I have to try to cooperate and I still do not get what I want, but I might get closer than before and we can find a common solution. Another example is the dress code that is being introduced to the school, but not many students like the idea.  It is most definitely a conflict that A LOT of people fought against and it took very good cooperation and brainstorming to find alternative dress codes.  Eventually we fought hard enough and now the school is not going to change it. This shows that there is more power than we think in the people in the community than the big wigs working in the district. That is how this shows in my life and how much it really affects me.  

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