Spanish Colonial Priest

During the Middle Ages times changed for everybody, but how did it change for a Spanish Colonial Priest?

During the Early modern era Spanish Colonial Priest played a big role in the daily lives of the people of Spain and the New World. The priests were not just inspiring through their biblical messages but the priests were also very successful in conquest. Many priests would lead their local armies to battle for the betterment of Christianity as a whole. Conquest was also a way to spread the word of the Bible to areas of the world that were mainly going about their daily life with no idea of the Lord God.(such as the New World).

No more Roman Catholic Church

The priests coming from the country of Spain were starting to fall away from the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholics did things a lot differently then these priests wanted so the priests decided to listen to the people and were more respectful for the people's choices and opinions on decisions or ideas. Most of the people fell away from the Gospel and the church, so the Spanish priest wanted to re-energize the faith in the church that the people of Spain and Europe once had. Bringing back the strong connection between man and the Bible was the big picture for most of the Spanish Colonial Priests.

Another key focus of the Spanish Colonial Priests was architecture.

Architecture was a big part of a Spanish Colonial Priests job. Many people of Europe built elaborate Colonial houses but priests used the architectural skills to build these heroic and astonishing churches. Along with their architecture being so beautiful the durability of these buildings is quite amazing as well.

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