Jason's war journal

  May 19, 2005

In middle school my friend and I were called the double J's. Are names are Jason and Jackson. Years passed and eventually France forgot to check a shipment of food being sent to the US. A plague started from the food and it killed thousands of Americans. Since it was such a big deal we raged war on France. They put out a draft. It was the first in over 70 years. And I'm 18.

May 21, 2005

I got to the training facility to get tested for acceptance in to the army.The test consisted of four things. Physical and mental diseases, speed and agility, sensitivity, and strength. I was the first one to take the diseases test.I have a very forgetful ,but not short term, memory. Ten out of ten eye sight and mild asthma. The speed and agility test was second for me but I was the 105th to take it. My average speed for ten minutes was 10 miles an hour. And I stayed calm and balanced for 5 minutes and 27 seconds. I got a three out of ten for sensitivity ,not very sensitive. And I bench pressed 71 pounds. I was considered a strong able bodied man. I'm in.

May 22, 2005

We got up at  o,5:00 and trained then ate, then trained again. Bacon, eggs, and grits for breakfast. We mainly ran and practiced climbing and jumping fences. Crawling under barbed wire was scheduled for Friday and others said it was the worst part of training. After 2 hours of training we got free time in our dorms. I met Jackson in my dorm, he was in my dorm, and we discussed our scores. he almost didn't make it. But he saw me getting accepted so he was determined to get accepted to. Then out of no where we heard a big booming sound. "Attention trainees, soldiers, and generals someone has broken into the weaponry facility, please stay calm!"

May 23, 2005

Fire and smoke is all we saw. Someone broke into the weapon storage and stolen the chemicals to make nuclear bombs. Today they made sure that nobody else was a spy. The spy that broke into the weapon storage was supposedly Sir James Cooper. He was a general rank and had taken a suicide pill right when he ran out of the storage. All we found near the body was a empty vile with a red X on it. But someone was stupid enough to play target practice with it. The spy must have drank the chemical and the whole training building blew up.

June 15, 2005

Were about to go to France to fight. I could die one step onto the battlefield, or I could live through the war. The doors are closing to the carrier. The next time those doors open we'll be at our base in France. The carrier smells freshly cleaned and everyone instead of feeling brave felt scared, tense, and under 3 tons of pressure. Then after what felt like an eternity of silence someone finally speaks. "We're on our way." Jackson sounds tense like the rest of us. " I wonder what our families are thinking" I say with a slightly quivering voice. Then silence. After hours, we landed .

June 19, 2005

We've been on the battle field for three days. So far we've had 278 casualties. I've been promoted a rank up but most of us have achieved that. There are vehicles on the battle field that I've gotten on, but it isn't fun riding on a military jeep in the middle of millions of soldiers firing in every direction. The battle field is in a jungle in Europe. We've been traveling a lot in this war one day we're in France and the next we're in Germany and so on. But luckily this war is just us and France. If it was World War III. It would be chaos with all the nuclear warfare that would be happening. The whole world would collapse on itself. We've been trying to stay away from that because that would lead to mass destruction and we just want to win the war.

June 23, 2005

Some soldier in a tree that I was fighting ran out of ammo. And when he did he pulled out a pistol with tranquilizer darts. Before I fainted the last thing I saw was him shooting a dart into me.

June 24, 2005

When I woke up I saw a dirty cell in front of me. I was in a concentration camp. At least that's what I thought. It was lit by a dim lamp and had a metal floor. But When I was taken to an interrogation room I changed my mind. This was one of their bases. They asked me a ton of questions about our base, defenses, and weapons. I said I was just a rank 2 ground troop. And that I didn't know much about our base because I hadn't even been there long enough to know where all the bathrooms where. They tried everything to get info out of me. But I really didn't know much so they took me back to my cell. They gave me dinner but it wasn't much. An apple and a half of a baked potato. No cheese or bacon either. Then we were put to work. And we had to do anything that was needed to be done.

July 18, 2005

Ive been here for what felt like a millennium. One person tried to escape yesterday but as soon as he left his cell someone shot him. But then out of no where we hear gun fire. But to much to be from a prisoner escaping. And it sounded like someone was firing back. Then we see American troops everywhere and there knocking out the guards like a mouse to cheese. The cells open. Someone must have unlocked them. All the prisoners run. Lots of us jump onto the airships, or climb into the jeeps. A mortar is firing and machine guns fire back. The base is collapsing. And the walls are falling. I hop on a jeep and we drive off.

July 19, 2005

We were taken back to the base and treated. And the ones that weren't injured went back to training. We were supposed to go back to battle front but the people that got rescued got to rest. There was barley anybody training but I felt like I should. But I think that it was right for a day of rest. I played ping pong with a few of the people there. Days of war will probably follow but I'll enjoy the peace while it lasts.

September 13, 2005

It's been months ,but we've had a low casualty number. And none of my new friends have died. We will probably win the war with the last base destroyed. An underground base actually. It's the last base on the map. And then they'll be gone. They have destroyed five out of eleven of our bases. And we have destroyed thirteen out of fourteen of their bases. My family has been dieing to see me. Jackson has been writing to our friends back home. They have been replying after every letter sent. Letters are easier because emails are being watched since we are on military WiFi. Security is tight. There is a prediction that we'll be going home in 5 day's well that's from those that are desperate. I think in around a month. Some agree with me and I hope I'm right.

October 22, 2005

Well, were going home! After half a year of war we are finally going home. We're going to see are family's and friends again. I'll miss some of the knew friends that I made but we can still text. Some of them actually live very close ( When I say close I mean 3 hours away ). We just boarded the plane and we're heading home.