1. Who are they? They are "action against hunger".

2. What problem are they worried about? They are worried about famine and they give water to people who need it.

3. Who do they help? They help to people who is in poverty and famine situations.

4. What do they do? They work in 4 areas: healthy, nutrition, water and food sate.

5. How long have they done it? They have done it since 1979.

6. How many people have they helped? They have helped in more than 40 countries and 5 millions of people.

7. What are the most important things they have done it? They help to people in Peru during the earthquake in 2007 and in the wars in Georgia in 2008.

8. Where do they get money from? The bigger part of the money they get is from people who donate it.

9. What can people do to help them achieve their aim? People can contacto them by the website:

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