The Secrets Of Silver Lake
Michelle Telford
Elad Peretz  


Catskill Mountains , north of New York.
three weeks before summer vacition .

Identity Card

Eddie -
weight - 60 kg .

height - 170 sm .

job - learning school .

hobbies - play with friend .

lovely food - pizza .


- The conflict in my story was  when Eddie meets 2 boys and they tell him the story of the old house and the gangster  'Jack the Devil '  Devlin .


The Climax in my story was i n Chapter 7 , then Eddie and he family in some morning aet brackfast together ' and they heard on the radio this : " Police Looking for Drug Ring in Silvar Lake area "  .
day after Eddie and Riche fing boathouse and day go inside .
When they go inside someone drunk and he threatened on them .
Eddie and Riche go to the police and tell them about what happend .
and the police questioed them .


on peaper

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