The Westing game


Turtle, Angela, Jake and Grace Wexler

James Shin, Doug, and Madame Sun Lin Hoo

Sam W. Westing

Julia R. Eastman

Barney Northrup

J. J. Ford

Sydney Sikes

Edgar Plum

Theo and Chris Theodorakis

Sandy McSouthers

Dr. Denton Deere

Otis Amber

Bertha Crow

Sydelle Pulaski

Flora Baumbach


Shin Hoo's restaurant

Sunset Towers

The Westing Mansion


The Sixteen Heirs were asked by Sam Westing to solve the mystery of who killed him. The players that are most aware about the truth behind this game are Judge Ford, and Turtle Wexler.


Turtle figures out that Sam isn't dead The book explains how the other lives went on, for example: Grace Wexler became a restaurant  owner, Theo and Turtle got married, Angela had a kid and named her Alice, and Doug became a gold medalist.


Ellen Raskin is an American writer and Illustrator, who was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin . She grew up during the great depression, and Educated at the university of Wisconsin-Madison she is primarily a kids author.

My Opinion

I think this is a good book, but some of the things i didn't get about it, Like some chapters i got lost on what was happening.


My rating of the novel is a 6 because some of the things and chapters were confusing and I didn't get most of it.

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