Dishing for Fish

Erica And Kaleb

Fancy Goldfish

The Fancy Goldfish eat both plants and tiny living creatures. Which also mean they are Omnivores. You will see these fish swimming in the middle of your aquarium. Never put these fish in a pond environment. They have a distinct disadvantage with predators and other types of goldfish and Koi. When feeding these fish choose a vegetable based flake and/or pellet. Sinking foods are recommended to prevent air gulping when eating. Decorate their aquarium with drift wood or rock work, but be sure to leave a large, open area in the center for swimming. These fish prefer fine gravel or sand on the bottom of the aquarium, larger grains of gravel may become lodged in their throats. Sometimes can be impossible to remove.

Long Fin Red Minor Tetra fish

Tetras eat frozen worms, freeze dried flakes, and/or pellets. These fish are peaceful and schooling, but can be aggressive at times. Tetras like decorated aquariums with rocks, live plants and drift wood. Females have a rounder and more full body shape. Keep the Red Minors well fed, and any aggression problems they may have will be minimized immediately. They are great for beginners, and are middle level swimmers which means they swim in the middle of your aquarium. Their maximum size is 2 inches, and they prefer water temperatures of 72-82 degrees F.

Tanks & Supplies

     Our tank consists of a height of 36 inches, a length of 15 inches, and a depth of 20 inches. You need to have the correct filter for how many gallons your tank holds. You will need to multiply the Length, Width, and Height to get the Volume of the tank. Our total tank size was 135 so we chose item #1003, which holds up to 60 gallons.

We chose the True Temp heater because its heat is good for keeping the fish healthy. The Aqueon fluorescent deluxe full hood was a great choice for our fish.


We chose the Bright White gravel because it looks more like sand and will be safer for the fish. We are doing artificial plants because otherwise the fancy goldfish would eat the real plants.

Rock Decor

We chose the tall drift wood because both species of fish enjoy the drift wood.

Money left over and final total!

We have 100.92$ left over, and spent a total of 600.92$

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