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Dear your majesty,                                                                                                                    

    I am from the country of Italy and I have came to offer you a proposal. I, Tanisha Banerjee, would like England to fund my expedition to the New World, in Virginia. I acknowledge that England is in need of wealth, land, and money to drive the Spanish away from your throne. I understand that your sister Queen Mary I of England died recently, which means that you, Queen Elizabeth I, is now queen.

    Good news! Rumor has it that this 'New World' has large acres of fertile and possibly gold. Funding some money can mean the best for England. You may think how will you overcome the obstacles that you may encounter? We may overcome the obstacles of enemies, diseases, and starvation. I will overcome these obstacles by using force to overcome the enemies, being cautious to what goes into our bodies to overcome diseases, bringing all the food possible and using salt to prevent expiration in them.

    Word has it that other European countries are also funding expeditions to this land and there are monsters called Native Americans. These European countries, France and Spain, are looking for similar resources, which means competition. I will handle the conflict of Native Americans and other Europeans I encounter by using force if needed, but I would rather threaten them.

Hope that you don't mind, but I personally am looking for coal, fertile farming lands, and wood. I would choose these resources because coal is a popular sediment in the ‘New World’, there is endless fertile land to farm crops, and countless forest areas.

Thank you for your time!

Below is a map of the New World and where my destination is.

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