PLUR Warriors






"PLUR" warriors fight for peace, love, unity, and respect for everyone. They love to love... They wear crazy beads... They're always dancing... And, their motto is PLUR. Their home is where the music is loud and the lights shine proud...

Different Types of People In the Culture

There are many different types of people in the culture include: Glovers, Shufflers, and Kandi Kids. Glovers are people who use LED gloves to perform light shows. Shufflers are people who perform a style of dance known as "shuffling". Kandi kids are people who make bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, rings, etc... with beads, and trade them for other people's "kandi".

$ Currency $

Currency is kandi and help. Kandi is used to buy/make friends, and everyone can use some help. :)


The security of the culture is actual security. Some security guards are nice, and some will kick you out just 'cuz. Security gives everyone a sense of protection, because they keep out guns, knives, and other harmful things that can threaten people.

Rec. Activities

Recreational activities include listening to music, making kandi, and gloving. The cultures main genre of music is EDM (Electronic Dance Music). This music is played in the homes of the citizens.

Home :)

Home is basically where there are other PLUR people around you. However places/events where PLUR warriors meet up include music festivals such as: EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), Tomorrowworld, Ultra Music Festival, and our own in El Paso SCMF (Sun City Music Festival)

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