Homosexuals and family

A family for everyone


In several, countries homosexuals are being persecuted. People seem to forget that they have the same needs as everyone. Let’s think of Russia. Last winter they were a lot of protestation against the Poutine government which made discrimination against the homosexual community. In a lot of countries, gay marriage is not accepted yet. The homosexual marriage problem leads us to another reality that is rough for the gay community. Women and men that are homosexuals still feel the need to start a family. The couples have then three options: surrogate mother, sperm donor and adoption. The Williams Institute reveals that more than half of gay men and 41 percent of lesbians want to have a child. They also estimated that two million of homosexuals are interested in adoption. [1] These are big numbers and these couples could make some really good parents for some children that lost theirs. But a lot of people around the world are against the LGB adoption. Let’s take for example France. Not so long ago, some thousands of people protested against the possibility that homosexuals could have a family and adopt some children. In the United States, Florida has a law against the adoption of children by a homosexual person. The New Hampshire once has this kind of law too but it was removed in 1999. Some people say that a kid needs a role model of each sex and that homosexual couples don’t meet this need. I think that a kid has a lot more than two roles model in his life and that a couple formed by two men can fill the need of a child. I also believe that the female figure can be an aunt, a grand-mother or even a friend of the family. Think about it, homosexuals are not different from us… why should they not be allowed to start a family?

[1] https://escholarship.org/uc/item/2v4528cx#page-3

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