Strong for too long.

Had a bad day...tried to distract myself, sorry its nothing special:/

As she cried in her room

All alone through the night,

She sat with her blade

And she turned out the light.

After dressing her wounds

She crawls into bed,

Continuing to think about

The night, as she bled.

Morning is approaching

She's slept about an hour

Forcing herself out of bed

Making her way to the shower.

She stands there a while

just staring at the lines

she carefully rinses them

they hurt, she slightly whines.

The feeling of hate

that's running through her head

is the identical thoughts

that were there last night in bed.

Getting out the bathroom

She stumbles to her room

Worrying about the day ahead

Sitting through hours of doom.

She slaps on her makeup

and slowly gets dressed;

She always tries

To look her best.

She put on her fake smile

As her friend knocks her door

Her mum opens it

'She's upstairs, mind the floor'...

Her friend runs up

Strolls in to say hi

She has no idea

Why her friend began to cry.

'I've been strong for to long'

She sobs to her friend

But she just stares confused

Hoping the crying will end.

The loud, happy girl

isn't happy anymore

and her best friend

is now on the floor.

They cry together

and She says that it's fine

But how is this fine

when she just wants to die?...

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