My 3-D Printing Adventure


3-D Printing was probably the most fun thing I did at DHFTC. I enjoyed it so much because I got to use my creativity in every project I worked on.   My favorite 3-D print that I did was a bee.   

I got this idea to make the bee because it is my favorite animal and nickname.   I decided to go on Thingiverse, a website where you can share 3-D Printing ideas.   When I searched "bee", nothing that was very detailed was there.   So I took the challenge and created my bee.   After I finished designing it on Tinkercad, a 3-D printmaking website, I uploaded it to Thingiverse.   Automatically, I started to get likes and favorites on it.   Now I have around 12 likes and 3 favorites.   I hope I can make more like it.    

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