The big bad wolf

Dear the three little pigs I am sorry I huffed and puffed and blew your houses down i was not meant to i had a very bad cold and i was looking for a friend. But then you burnt my tail and now it is bald everyone laughs at me and it is not very nice.

Can I have another chance I promise i won’t eat you I have never eaten anyone before and I would never want to. If you can’t then can you tell anyone that you think like me to meet me in big teeth city train station. My son is also looking for people to come to his birthday so. if you could come that would be great.

I also think you owe me a trip to the hairdressers and i they do fix my tail we will finally be even and are any of you married yet because i am! anyway i better be going I’m taking my family out to dinner. We are going to eat some nice juicy pork.

By hope you are having a good time bye


big bad wolf

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