byzantine: the first crusade

Lorenzo Matos

In this picture the byzantine people are going to set an attack on the Romans to have more territory. They had wars mostly between the Arab Muslim,and Eastern Rome in the 7th and 11th century.he Muslims would fire many attacks on the byzantine empire even the capital, Constantinople twice one time they got conquest. they didn't normally get attacked they conquered Exarchate in Africa. they failed to succeed in that try. Later on all of the empires started making truces the relationships had been becoming bigger and bigger. The byzantine were on the defensive not really trusting any body from any other empire but that was in the first century. The reason why was because they wanted to avoid open field battles. it took the byzantine from 920 to 976 to take over Muslim territory.In 650 the Muslims tried to take over the Meditrerin sea witch caused lots of wars. the only reason that started wars was because the other empires  thought it would be great to own a sea.

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